'07 liner, minor
yes !nah !
arts, music, aesthetic, kpop, singing, dancing, foods.bullying, cancel culture, homophobic, racist, violence, disrespectful people.


ult ↠ stray kids

stan ↠ bts, got 7, astro, cravity, too, x1, red velvet, iz*one, twice, enhyphen, the boyz

casual ↠ itzy, txt, nct, exo, everglow, aespa, blackpink, wei, treasure, day 6 and many more!!


I mostly tweet about skz. I use keyboard smash and capital letters a lot.I delete most of my tweets from time to time.I sometimes tweet in my native language which is filipino. I curse often.I always interact if i'm not busy, cuz need friends not followers.i do fanarts and video edits as well <3 I occasionally rant about things happening to me, just don't mind it if ever. Plus, if ever that I made a mistake or said something that can offend others, please don't hesitate to educate me through dms. don't attack me on priv qrts/replies please.


if u fit basic dfi criteria (homophobic, racist. etc*)overly sensitiveskz anti problematicdisrespectfulot9 / kwj supporterfonts in bio/dninvalidates neopronouns

put tw

gore, suicide, jumpscare, death, gunshot, blood, horror

besties !
cali, kev, tulay, kim, mina, em, seu, miya, den, blossom, nath, mon, el, mie, julie, riri, feuna, ches, rachi, mae, isa, vhea, daine, soap, shane, aera, nubbii, minnie, janeeyeh, yerru, milena, jess, kae, nelle, vasuki, pria, kylabun, xie, sophia, elle, jah, erin, bebhan, zeki, maine, aileen, hyunie, pika, tali, em (2), francee, mel, nai.

side note: don't hesitate to approach me when you need someone to talk to. i might not be good at giving advices, but I will surely listen to you and your problem. I will be always here so cheerup! ^^

ps: Even if you're not in the list, i still love you ! ^^

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